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Punjab: Fish earn this farmer Rs 15 lakh per year by Neel Kamal February 21,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

A farmer from Badbar village in Barnala has been able to break the wheat-paddy crop cycle by opting for fish farming in 2016 and making a profit of nearly Rs 12 lakh in 2019.
Sukhpal Singh (43) established two ponds on 6.5 acres in 2016, 2.5 acres on his own land and by taking four acres on lease from the village panchayat. In another 2.5 acres of his farmland, Sukhpal grows wheat and basmati. In 2019, he earned Rs 15 lakh from fish farming in 6.5 acres. As he spent nearly Rs 3 lakh on feed, medicines and rotation of water in the two ponds, he earned a net profit of over Rs 12 lakh. Sukhpal says he earned more than Rs 10 lakh in 2017 and 2018 too. "Till four years ago, I too was into conventional wheat-paddy cultivation. But in April 2016, I took 4.5 acres of panchayat land on lease. My own fields and the land which I took on lease were in a low-lying area, so I decided to adopt fish farming and dug up the ponds. I spent Rs 10 lakh in making the ponds and started fish farming. From the first year, I started earning more than I was making through the wheat-paddy cycle," Sukhpal told TOI.

Sukhpal is not the only one who is farming fish in Barnala. There are 120 such ponds in the district spread over 500 acres. About 13,000 quintal fish is produced from these ponds in a year

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