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NPSSFW(I) Advisory to Fish Workers on Precaution and Protection from Corona Virus March 26,2020   |  Source: DMF West Bengal

Fish worker community is a community with major number of migrants to other occupations and areas. As such this community should be very vigilant about its members coming home from outside and possible contraction of infection. All the general instructions for protection, including Lock Down, should be translated into the specific community situation and have to be strictly followed.

Fishers, Fish Farmers, Fish Vendors, Fish sorters and Dryers should practice the following:

• Marine fishing requires collective activity. Each fisher team should ensure that none of their members have any related symptom before coming together to go for fishing;
• Fishing crews in larger boats going for multi-day fishing should ensure that no fish worker with related symptoms board the boat. Multi-day fishing should be avoided as much as possible. All fish landing centres and fishing harbours should ensure thermal screening of fish workers boarding on and alighting from fishing vessels with follow-up measures. Masks should be kept on board for use of any crew member who may show symptoms while on fishing voyage;
• Immediate voluntary quarantine and follow-up test with treatment should be resorted to in the event of any fish worker showing symptoms of corona sickness on or off the work

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