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Sri Lanka: No fishing, transport restrictions for fishermen March 26,2020   |  Source: Daily News LK

The Ceylon Fisheries Corporation has accelerated the purchasing of fish from fishermen, the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ministry said today, It said a programme to buy fish from the owners of fishing vessels commenced at Dickovita Fisheries Harbour on Tuesday and this would be extended to all other fisheries harbours in the next couple of days. Minister Douglas Devananda visited the harbour to inspect the progress of this project. The release said that Minister Douglas Devananda would discuss with the President and the Prime Minister and put in place a mechanism shortly to speed up fish purchases from fishing vessels.

This assurance came in the wake of complaints from some Fisheries Associations that they have been unable to sell their catch. The minister said the Fisheries Corporation would do its best to buy the fish from the fisheries community. The government has also given permission for transporting and unloading of fish during the curfew hours, considering appeals made by the fisheries community. Transport Services Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said those who are engaged in the fisheries sector will be allowed to transport fish. Fisheries communities are also allowed to engage in all fisheries-related activities during the curfew hours without any

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