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Kerala: Covid-19 outbreak: Call for policy to aid fisheries sector April 17,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

There is a need for a strong policy to support the fisheries sector including assistance to fisher folks whose livelihood has been seriously affected due to the global outbreak Covid-19. The export and domestic marketing of fish has been severely affected, said a report that was submitted by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) to the Union government.

The report, which looks first-hand at the impact of the 21-day lockdown on the fisheries sector, calls for revival of the domestic fish supply chain while adhering to the mandated health and sanitation norms. Online delivery of fish and its related products should be promoted in the context of livelihood security of fishers and local fish vendors as well as nutritional security of consumers.
“Fisheries sector provide livelihood to around 16 million people apart from its contribution to food and nutritional security and foreign exchange earning potential. In 2018-19, Indian marine products exports provided 6.7 billion US dollars. Reduced demand due to spread of the disease in major export destinations like USA, China and EU has started trickling down to the ground level impacting the livelihood of many working in seafood processing and fishing related activities. Though there is an increase in demand for dry

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