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Kerala: Declining catches leave smaller boats with scanty earnings June 24,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

Hit by a steep decline in fisheries resources, smaller boats engaged in fishing have started withdrawing from regular fishing activities off the Kozhikode coast. Though many had hoped to get a decent return with the introduction of the trawling ban and subsequent halting of operations by larger boats, the unexpected decline in the daily catch has come as a rude shock to them.

According to fishermen’s organisations, the hike in the price of fish in the open market has not fetched them any benefits. The COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent regulations had stalled the sector and job opportunities in the allied sectors, they claimed. ?In Chombala harbour, only a few smaller boats are now engaged in daily fishing. Of the 300 smaller boats in Chombala harbour, only fewer than 100 are now going into the sea, and that too, on alternate days.?

The case is not any different in other fish landing centres and harbours such as Beypore and Puthiyappa. The workers in smaller boats are now in search of other odd jobs to survive the lean season. Their families continue the wait for various government relief measures for alleviating the financial crisis.? The worst-affected by the decline in fishing activities are the workers in the allied sector. Many ice factories operating along the

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