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Kerala: Water hyacinths turn a headache for fishermen by Linta Mary Philip June 24,2020   |  Source: The New Indian Express

Unabated growth of water hyacinths in Vembanad lake is posing to be a major hindrance to the livelihood of fishermen families living along the banks of the water body. The accumulation of the invasive water plants which are six-feet-deep in certain areas, is making it difficult to navigate the lake. The overgrowth has affected regions of Kumbalam, Edakochi, Thevara and Udayamperoor which are situated along the lake. “More than a quarter of the lake is covered by hyacinths, making it impossible for fishermen to berth their boats. Along with the overgrowth of the weeds, a large amount of mud and silt deposit in the water body prevents propagation of marine life. The number of the freshwater fish species is decreasing in the lake,” said V O Johny, district working president of Mathsya Thozhilali Federation (AITUC).

Kumbalam, an island surrounded by Vembanad Lake with a population of 500 fishermen families, has been adversely affected by pollution and the growth of water hyacinths. Locals say that numerous bridges connecting the island with the mainland have also led to the obstruction of the free flow of water, thereby resulting in accumulation of mud and growth of weed. Human intrusion along the banks has contributed to the dire situation. The Chinese fishing nets that were

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