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Goa: A fresh look at fishing: Promote wetlands for inland fishing June 24,2020   |  Source: Herald

In a post COVID world where many “normals’ are changing, it is perhaps time to look at Goa’s primary food requirements and how we can look inwards, or “inland” to meet our needs. The freshwater fishing activity could be a two way beneficial activity; which might help in the revival and preservation of the biodiversity of the Goa as well as helping open avenues to many who can earn their livelihood by undertaking freshwater fishing and inland fishing commercially. Dr. Fr. Bolmax Pereira, Parish Priest of Chicalim and a research scholar and who has done his doctorate on Goa's Wetland spoke to Herald on this issue. He shared his study and observation and the solutions which could lead to protection of wetlands, biodiversity and also promote and help the freshwater fishing activities flourish in Goa.

Fr Pereira said everything boils down to the protection and preservation of biodiversity of Goa. “We need to understand first that to think of freshwater fishing activity to take it to the next level; we have to understand about the topography of Goa. Further it is very important for freshwater fishing activity to be successful that our freshwater bodies should have water in them. Topographically Goa can be divided into three regions, viz hilly region, midland region and

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