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India: How Covid-19 has impacted the seafood sector by Rajesh Ravi June 26,2020   |  Source: The Financial Express

India is the largest producer of farmed shrimps in the world and accounts for nearly 6% of the global fish production. During 2018-19, India exported seafood worth $6.72 billion with a volume of 13.92 lakh tonne. During 2019, India accounted for 282,584 tonne of shrimps from the total US import of 698,445 tonne. In an interview with Rajesh Ravi, KS Srinivas, chairman of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), talks about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the seafood sector, and its outlook. Excerpts:

How far has the lockdown affected the seafood sector? Will it reflect in an overall decline in global seafood trade and returns?

The lockdown period in India had some impact on the seafood export sector on account of logistics issue. The Centre had instructed the state and other government bodies to provide all logistical support for the smooth functioning of seafood export sector and the situation has improved. However, globally the sector was affected due to Covid-19 and the associated lockdown. This has resulted in cancellation of several orders, reduced and delayed payments,slowdown of cargo movements, and difficulty in getting new orders and renewal of existing orders.

US shrimp import from India for April shows a 25 % year-on-year rise. Do you

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