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Andhra Pradesh: Migrant fishermen yet to be reimbursed June 30,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

The Andhra Pradesh government had sanctioned a fund of Rs 3 crore to reimburse migrant fishermen who returned to the state during the lockdown. However, fishermen who had spent their own money to return from Gujarat are yet to receive the reimbursement. The state government, at the time, had asked fishermen to pay Rs 3,000 per head to return, which would be reimbursed later. Many of these fishermen had taken loans from boat owners in Gujarat to make the payment. But now, when the boat owners are asking for the money back, these fishermen are in trouble as the government’s reimbursement is yet to arrive. “Now sethjis (boat owners in Gujarat) are asking for the money back and that too with interest. Where will we get such a huge sum of money? We took the loan on government’s assurance that it would reimburse the amount,” said M Bulaya a fisherman from Srikakulam who goes to fish at Veraval Port in Gujarat every year.

It was near the end of April that the state governments of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat had arranged buses to bring back around 4,600 fishermen who were stranded in Gujarat due to the lockdown. At the time, the government had calculated the cost at Rs 3,000 per head. Fisheries department officials told TOI that the department has not been able to disburse the

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