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Assam: Fish die in wetland near Assam blowout site June 30,2020   |  Source: Telegraph India

The mixing of condensate with floodwaters in a wetland close to the site of an Oil India gas well blowout at Baghjan in Tinsukia district of Assam has killed fish in large numbers, a forest official said. The official said fish have died in huge numbers in the past few days in the Maguri-Motapung Beel (wetland) as floodwaters turned “acidic” after mixing with the condensate, a form of crude that has been spewing from the gas well since May 27. The chemical spray has affected nearby water bodies, grassland, paddy fields and tea plantations. The death of fish compounds the problems for locals as around 40 per cent of them are involved in the fishing business. Around 9,000 residents are living in 10 relief camps since the well blowout and subsequent fire.

The forest official told The Telegraph he had tested the water of the wetland, around 400m from the affected gas well, following reports that fish are dying in huge numbers after the area was hit by floods. “We recorded pH level of 6.3 on June 26 and 5.9 on June 27 which suggests the water has turned acidic. It could affect aquatic life. We also spotted a few dead snakes, birds and worms. It is difficult to quantify but many fish have died within an area of 1sqkm. Oil India personnel, however, said the deaths were not

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