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Myanmar: Minister stresses need to boost farming capacity to earn US$1bil yearly from fishery export June 30,2020   |  Source: The Star

If Myanmar can improve domestic farming capacity, up to US$1 billion could be earned yearly from export of fishery products, said Deputy Minister for Commerce Aung Htoo. “If we can try to improve farming capacity locally, we will be in a position soon to earn up to US$1 billion, ” the deputy minister said. In the fourth year of the government’s term, the country earned over US$730 million from export of fishery products such as fish and prawn.

“As both freshwater and seawater fish farming improves, we could export fisheries worth US$732 million last year, ” he added. According to the ministry data, over US$680 million has been earned from fishery export over the past eight and a half months in the current fiscal year, exceeding over US$100 million when compared to the same period of last fiscal year.

From Oct 1 to June 12 in the current 2019-2020 fiscal year, US$683.052 million was earned from fishery export. The same period of last year saw US$581.165 million. So, this year has seen additional US$101.887 million. According to the Fisheries Department, Myanmar still needs to do a lot more to compete with its neighbouring countries in exporting fisheries products including fish and prawn. The department suggests about improving farming rather than natural

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