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Pakistan: Experts oppose dam construction on Indus July 01,2020   |  Source: The Express Tribune

Social activists, water experts and politicians staunchly opposed on Thursday the construction of dams on Indus River, maintaining that the move would cause further damage to the already dying Indus Delta. They expressed these views during an online session organised by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF), which works on issues pertaining to fishermen, peasants, water and environment. Speaking on the occasion, PFF chairperson Muhammad Ali Shah noted that stopping the flow of the Indus River by constructing dams had pushed the communities residing along it to the wall, both socially and economically. “Water, which would bring along silt for the growth of fish population, replenished lakes and enriched the soil, has either been constrained or dried up,” he lamented.

He said that with the decrease in the flow of water to the Indus delta, various waterways, creeks, lakes and underground water resources had turned brackish, leaving water in ponds and wells undrinkable and forcing locals to purchase water for drinking. Shah further pointed out that land had turned barren due to increased salt in water bodies, damaging fisheries and forcing people to migrate. “Despite this, the federal government is constructing dams that would further jeopardise life connected with the Indus

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