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Tamil Nadu: Sardine fish caught with banned nets auctioned for Rs.4.56 lakh July 01,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

The Fisheries Department on Sunday auctioned for Rs. 4,56,400 seven lorry loads of sardine that were confiscated while crossing the Veppur check-post due to prohibitive fishing practice of netting the catches by mechanised boats. The fishes that were caught using purse seine nets in violation of Tamil Nadu Marine Fisheries Regulation Act 1983 were confiscated.

Three of the lorries were loaded with fishes caught by Nagapattinam fishermen and the rest by Karaikal Fishermen. The money was deposited in government account, Joint Director of Fisheries, Nagapattinam District, R. Amal Raj, said. The district administration had formed a team comprising officials of Marine Enforcement Wing, Coastal Security Group, Fisheries Department, and Revenue Department, for checking the banned fishing practice.

On Friday, the team comprising Fisheries Inspectors T. Karthikeyan and N. Artheeswaran, and Marine Enforcement Wing Inspector P. Rajagopal confiscated three lorries transporting 8,250 kg of sardine. The fish catch was auctioned for Rs. 2.06 lakh.

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