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Kerala: A rights based approach to development: Kerala’s marine fishing communities by John Kurien July 01,2020   |  Source: CDS

He recalled the circumstances that led him to explore the life problems of working people for the first time in his youth. John Kurien begins this sermon. It was a turning point in his life when he realized that the process of selling fish by sea to fishermen was difficult and that the fishermen had no rights over their products. He says that he learned three things about development from this experience - one, identifying people's self-esteem, not what they need but self-reliance. Second, try to find people's real and basic needs rather than their temporary needs. Through this process, people become active subjects in development. Third, ensure their active participation in any decision that touches people’s lives. This will lead to collective empowerment of the people. These lessons were taught by a bishop who was involved in the fishermen's organization. This is closely related to the claim-based approach that Amartya Sen later described.

Fishermen in Kerala have long been incapable of detecting and resisting exploitation. They could not organize for their common rights. The Left has little interest in organizing them because they are retail producers. They did not have great leaders capable of social empowerment. For the state, the development of the fisheries sector is

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