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Pakistan: Swat’s trout fish farmers say coronavirus restrictions ‘destroyed’ business July 03,2020   |  Source: Samaa TV

The owners of trout fish farms in Swat have warned that their businesses will be completely destroyed if the government doesn’t lift the ban on tourism in the country. “We used to sell around 400 to 500 kilograms of trout fish before the lockdown,” Usman Ali, the owner of a farm, told SAMAA TV. “But it (sale) has now completely stopped because tourists are not coming due to lockdown.” In Swat alone, there are over 100 farms that produce over 1,000 metric tonnes of trout per year. The first farm for trout was established in Swat's Madyan area in 1961. Swat district now has over 200 fish farms which are home to Rainbow, Brown, Kamloop and Salmon trout.

In Pakistan, the coronavirus has claimed 4,118 lives. The government has lifted the lockdown but several areas across the country are still in “smart lockdown” due to the surge in number of infections in the country. Another owner of the farm for trout fish told SAMAA TV that the district has over 1500,000 trout fish prepared to be sold in Swat. “If they are not sold the business will be destroyed because people don’t have money either to feed them or pay salaries to their employees.”

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