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India: Pact to end harmful fish subsidies difficult without special and differential treatment July 22,2020   |  Source: Economic Times

India has said global negotiations on ending harmful fisheries subsidies cannot be concluded without providing carve outs for small and subsistence fishermen from developing countries. In a submission at the World Trade Organization on Monday, New Delhi said any pact on harmful fisheries subsidies “would be difficult without special and differential treatment (S&DT)for developing countries who need it”. Arguing that the focus should be on distant water and large-scale industrial fishing, India has said that the talks should seek greater contribution from those who provide large subsidies, both in value and on per capita basis while providing
exemption for the needs of small and subsistence fishermen.

The carve outs need to be fishermen who operate in the territorial seas and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which is the boundary of sea zone extending up to 200 nautical miles from the shore, India said at an informal meeting of heads of delegation. New Delhi’s statement comes in the wake of the multilateral trade body likely to consolidate views of member countries on the latest draft text on fisheries subsidies to be followed by full-edged negotiations in September with the aim of finalising the pact by the end of December 2020. TO members are negotiating to finalise

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