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Kerala: Fishers fight a losing battle July 22,2020   |  Source: The New Indian Express

For fishers in the state, the timing couldn’t be worse. The closure of four major fishing harbours -- Munambam, Kalamukku, Thoppumpady and Chellanam - along with two major markets, Aluva and Chambakkara, as Covid-19 containing measures, has spelt doom for them. Already reeling from the ban on venturing into the seas or auctioning and selling their catch, the harsh climate has come as a double blow for them. If the previous lockdown hampered sales of fish and disrupted their livelihood, the fishermen community are now anxious about their lives, being situated in containment zones and Covid clusters. Moreover, the delay in receiving relief packages has added to their dismay.“Fishermen have been battling adversities of the sea their entire lives; Covid-19 has now added to their worries. The fisher community across the state has been badly affected during the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. Those living at Chellanam are, undoubtedly, going through the toughest phase in life.

They’re literally between the devil and the dead sea -- the virus on land and stormy seas. Earlier, they could move into a neighbour’s or relative’s house during sea erosion but with almost 200 people testing positive, natives of Chellanam are considered to be the harbingers of the virus. As a

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