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Haryana: To give 10% subsidy for fisheries July 23,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

In a bid to promote fisheries, Haryana government has decided to provide a subsidy up to 40% to people belonging to general category and up to 60% to women and scheduled castes to start their business, a spokesperson of the department said. Unemployed youth can also earn a better livelihood by adopting fisheries as a business option, the spokesperson said, adding that no qualification is required to start this business. Any person starting this business needs only one acre of land. Any interested person can start fish farming on his own land or by taking land on lease.

He said that on one acre of land, a special pond needs to be constructed for fish farming. After this, the cost of construction is subsidized directly through DBT to the bank account of the beneficiary. Sharing details about recirculating aquaculture system, he said earlier, fish farming was done in ponds, which used to yield about 5 to 7 tonnes of fish only. But now, by setting up a fixed overhead tank, the cultivation will increase to 30 to 35 tonnes through the recirculating aquaculture systems. With this, the profits of fishermen will also increase manifold. He said this cultivation can be done in both sweet and salt water.

Mainly, fish species including rohu, catla, mrigal, common carp, grass carp and

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