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Pakistan: Blue economy: parallel option for economic growth by Jawaria Abbasi July 23,2020   |  Source: Pakistan Today

The worsening economic situation is unfortunately not supporting the economic health of the country. On top of that the covid-19 andemic has brought in additional challenges to the prevailing economic situation. According to the government officials, the estimated loss for Pakistan due to Covid-19 is around Rs 2.5 trillion. To support the economic challenges, Pakistan is mainly relying on IFDIs and other friendly support; however, the reliance on agriculture, industry and services sectors are still intact. Exploration of the new alternatives are limited to tackle the economic challenges. The Blue Economy is one of the options to be explored.

Pakistan has a long coastline of approximately 1050 km. It is divided between the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan. This divides the maritime area of Pakistan into exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and the buffer zones. Recently the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) has acknowledged Pakistan’s claim on 350 Nautical miles of Sea and resultantly Pakistan’s offshore area has been extended up to 50,000 sq km. After this, the EEZ has become the second-largest province of Pakistan. There are myriads of opportunities to explore in the coastal areas and maritime sector.

“Blue Economy” or Ocean economy has many

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