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Tamil Nadu: Fear of livelihood engulfs repatriated Kanniyakumari fishermen July 24,2020   |  Source: The New Indian Express

After facing months of hardship and the pandemic in a foreign country, the recently repatriated Kanniyakumari fishermen are already bracing for another hurdle as fear of livelihood and questions about the future caught hold of them. Some said the future “looks bleak” as they mulled over how to reclaim their lost livelihood and support their debt-ridden families. On July 1, 535 Kanniyakumari district fishermen, who were stranded in Iran, arrived in the first batch. Two weeks later, 58 more, including 24 from Kanniyakumari district, arrived in the next batch.

A fisherman from Colachel, A John Kennady, had recently completed his quarantine. He said that he could not even earn the `1 lakh he had spent to go to Iran, as the pandemic broke out just after he had landed in the foreign country. John, a father of two, has been struggling to repay the loans and support his family. With the pandemic spread, it was difficult to go for fishing, said one S Jesu Reegan from Kanniyakumari. Despite being glad to return home to his family, he said, he was afraid of the fear of livelihood loss. A Selvaraj of Manakudi has been observing quarantine at a facility in Azhagappapuram. He said that himself and the 23 fishermen he had arrived with were being given food and care, but he has been

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