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Goa: Wholesale fish traders have total monopoly & brute dominance over multi-crore fish trade July 24,2020   |  Source: Herald

Traditionally, the Margao market was of the Ramponkars, Magkars, Catalkars and Goan traditional fishermen (khari). Today, the wholesale fish market has been gulped down by the traders and their yes men. On the face of it the Wholesale Fish Market is controlled by the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA). However, the reality is different. The market is now controlled by the wholesale fish traders and they are influencers of the decisions of the PDA. A huge gap is seen in the statements of the wholesalers and the actual reality that happens on the ground. The ground situation is this. The wholesale fish market will open today for trade. 100s of trucks filled with fish will come to the market but only few will get a place inside the market. What happens to the others? They will find a way to sell fish outside the market, untested, will make a killing and flee.

The Wholesale Fish Traders Association led by Moulana Ibrahim claimed that there will be no sale of fish during the market closure period and claimed unanimity from the entire association. That statement had nothing to do with reality. As the market remained shut several fish traders parked their vehicles on the sides of the roads and sold their fish. There was no testing of the fish. When the SGPDA said

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