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Himachal Pradesh: Price of fish feed goes up by Rs 2, Kullu farmers cry foul by Dipender Manta July 24,2020   |  Source: The Tribune India

In a blow to trout fish farmers of Kullu district, the Fisheries Department has hiked the price of fish feed as Rs 2 per kg. The cost of fish feed was Rs 95 per kg earlier and now it would cost Rs 97 per kg. Fish farmers of the district were already facing brunt of the natural calamity that occurred in the year 2018, when flash floods had damaged their raceways and caused considerable loss to the fish production.

Since then, fish farmers of the district were demanding a financial assistance from the state government to cope with the losses but till date they get no financial assistance from the government. Kullu district is known for the production of trout fish, where a large number of farmers were involved in fish farming to sustain themselves. Similarly, there was a government fish farm at Patlikuhal in Kullu district, which was known for trout fish production. But in 2018, a flash flood had damaged government fish farm at Patlikuhal, which could not be restored till date. Fish farmers of the district said that the fisheries department should roll back the hike in price of fish feed, which would be a huge relief for them.

Shakti Singh, president of Trout Fish Farmers Association, Kullu, told. The Tribune, “We were waiting for a financial package from the state

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