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Goa: Fishermen net bumper catch of solar shrimps in Goa by Nisser Dias July 28,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

A week before the 45-day ban on mechanised fishing comes to an end, traditional fishermen in Colva netted around 350kg of solar prawns.
This is the first catch and in the coming days, many traditional fishermen along the coastline will venture out for their share of shrimps.

For the traditional fishermen, this is a crucial period to fetch some revenue as once the trawlers venture into the sea, they harvest most of the shrimps, a fisherman said. “Solar shrimps are seasonal and they surface for around a fortnight and then disappear,” the fisherman added.

As the word spread that prawns were available at the Colva beach, a large number of people rushed to purchase their share at Rs 250 per kg. The remaining quantity of solar shrimps were taken to the Colva market where they were sold out within no time.

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