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Odisha: Women risk lives fishing in croc-infested rivers July 29,2020   |  Source: Orissa Post

The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for the people residing in the remote corners of this district. The situation has become acute with the return of migrant workers to their homes. In such a situation, people are mortgaging their lives and taking up dangerous jobs like fishing in crocodile-infested rivers and creeks to earn a living due to lack of any alternative means of livelihood, a report said. As a result, they often fall prey to crocodiles. The awareness programmes conducted by the forest department have gone for a toss. These people could be seen in rivers and creeks inside Bhitarkanika National Park catching fish as soon as the tide recedes in the sea. These people catch fish and prawns from the rivers inside the park and sell them in the market. However, what they earn in return is far less than the hard work they put in and the life risk involved in the job. A fisherwoman Seeta Maiti alleged that the fish traders gain the most from the fish catch. The fisherwomen catching fish sell prawns at Rs 70-80 per kg, while the fish traders sell the same at Rs 200-800 per kg depending on the market conditions. Alarmingly, more women and minor girls could be seen catching fish and prawns from these water bodies than men.

According to a report by

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