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India: To conserve the Indian fishing ecosystem and to reduce Bycatch, Tufropes launches ‘Responsible Fishing Initiative’ on World Conservation Day July 29,2020   |  Source: News Patrolling

- Tufropes, on World Conservation Day is launching, ‘Responsible Fishing Initiative’, a program focussed on providing effective solutions to counter the bycatch problem persistent in the Indian fishing ecosystem and to generate awareness about the impact of bycatch amongst the fishing communities of India.
- Bycatch, which is fishing of non target and small and juvenile fishes, directly impacts the fishing ecosystem.
- Small and juvenile fishes killed as bycatch play a vital role in the ocean’s food web chain, allowing fish populations to regenerate. Without them, the food chain and coastal communities’ livelihoods are at risk, warn marine researchers.
- This will support the Government of India’s and Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)’s programs to reduce bycatch and promote sustainable fishing practices.

The fishing ecosystem of India is under tremendous pressure because of unsustainable fishing practises, rampant across the country. Plagued by overfishing, bycatch, depleting resources, decreasing population of fish, and the lack of urgency to deal with this crisis, India is looking at an unpredictable future of the fisheries industry. India has been experiencing a consistent decline in the coastal marine fish production over the last

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