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Punjab: Protect fish pond from stock loss during monsoon: Expert July 30,2020   |  Source: The Tribune India

Management of fish ponds during monsoon mainly involves water management skills. Hence, farmers need to manage their ponds smartly to avert any unforeseen damage due to heavy rains. Dr Meera D Ansal, head, Department of Aquacuture, College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, said firstly, farmers should assure that pond dykes were strong enough to withstand erosion during rains and this could be achieved by planting grass on the dykes. Erosion adds muddiness to water, affecting its productivity due to reduced sunlight penetration leading to oxygen depletion.

In case water becomes muddy, application of limestone in accordance to water pH is recommended. Secondly, 1 to 1½ feet free board over water surface is required to accommodate the rainwater, while an automatic overflow pipe may also be provided for maintaining desired water level during rainfall, but it is to be fixed with a mesh cover to prevent fish loss. Net fencing can also be provided to prevent escape of fish with overflow in case of high intensity rainfall. The third important thing is to keep the dykes three-four ft raised above the ground level so that water from the catchment area does not enter the pond. It may bring lot of organic load and pesticides from the adjoining

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