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Bangladesh: Fish farmers Tk 220 crore poorer for flood by Sohel Parvez July 30,2020   |  Source: The Daily Star

A deluge of missed calls greeted me as I glanced over my phone in late afternoon on Saturday. They were all from the same unknown number. Puzzled and perturbed, I called back the number only to be accosted by a muffled, indecipherable voice. I cut off the line and before long, the phone began ringing. I answered and once again, the voice of the caller was not clear enough for me to understand a word he was uttering. I informed him about the problem and hung up. But he kept calling for the next few minutes and I let the phone ring. Five hours later, at about 9 pm, I got a call from a fish farmer, Md Kalu Mia from Bishwanath of northeast district Sylhet, with whom I had spoken to earlier in the day about the effect of the flood on his farm. The 55-year-old called to inform that a modest fish farmer Azizur Rahman tried to contact me to share his nightmare, hoping I could offer him some help.

"He lost all his investment because of the flood," Mia said. And that's when I could those incessant phone calls made sense to me: Rahman was desperate. Without further ado, I called back the 26-year-old farmer, who could not sound more crestfallen. "All my savings have gone. I am totally penniless. It's all finished," said the broken voice. Over the past three years, he saved up Tk 3 lakh,

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