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West Bengal: Flaws exposed in the Moyna aquaculture model by Gurvinder Singh July 30,2020   |  Source: The Fish Site

Pradip Das is a fisherman from Moyna. The 50-year-old transformed his 150 acres of rice paddies into ponds for fish cultivation six years ago after hearing positive reports about the Moyna production model, a system that was named after his village. He thought the switch would help him to increase his income and sustain his family but now says that the fish farming system has not been as effective as was projected by the local administration and state government. “Fish farming used to be done in small water bodies along with the paddy cultivation in Moyna. But increasing losses in paddy due to floods every year forced farmers to switch over to fish farming, which was a more profitable affair,” says Pradip.

What is the Moyna model?

The farmers living in Moyna have been combining fish farming with paddy cultivation for several decades. They utilised the small water bodies in the agricultural fields for growing indigenous species like tangra (black catfish), chital (clown knifefish) and tilapia. However, by the late 1990s they realised that fish farming brought them five times more profit than rice paddies. The farmers then began organised rice/fish cultivation, where some quantities of Indian major carp and exotic carp fingerlings were released, followed by the

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