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Bangladesh: Fish could be second highest export earning source for Bangladesh July 31,2020   |  Source: Daily Industry

Experts said fish farming could be the second largest export sector after textile in Bangladesh, if the proper guidelines should be followed. Despite Bangladesh ranked third in producing fish from inland waterbodies and fifth in fish farming, the country is not on the list of the top 10 largest fish exporters. The country in 2018 produced 1.22 million tonnes of fish, according to “The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture-2020” report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). The FAO published the report on June 8. It publishes the fish production ranking report in every two years.

The report said Bangladesh has been steady in fish farming since 2017. The following year, the country harvested more than 24 lakh tonnes of fish in this sector. According to the report, Vietnam – fourth in fish farming and 18th in fish production – is also responsible for five percent of total fish exports globally. On the other hand, India’s export amounts to 4 percent of the total global figure while the country is second in both fish farming and production. Moreover, there are other countries — ranked below Bangladesh in both inland production and farming – that are performing better in aquaculture export. Though Bangladesh lags behind fish export, production has been on

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