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India: Rice-fish farming system in India is in urgent need of conservation and promotion by Ashish Mansharamani, Abhimanyu Shrivastava, Anukriti Choubey August 03,2020   |  Source: Down to Earth

Rapid human population growth poses many challenges, especially food shortages, malnutrition, limited means of irrigation and shrinking land resources besides deteriorating environmental quality. Sustainable intensification of agricultural production systems is needed today to address the ever-increasing pressure on food and the environment. Rice, an important food grain, roughly feeds 50 per cent of the world population. It has been identified as a major crop consuming vast chunks of available water resources while at the same time paddy fields emit large amount of the greenhouse gas, methane. Thus, solutions need to be sought to improve the management of rice production systems. Rice-fish farming constitutes a unique agro-landscape across the world, especially in tropical and sub-subtropical Asia. It is no longer an agro-production practice but an agro-culture pattern. Co-culture of rice and aquatic creatures combining animal production (for example fish, shellfish, crab, shrimp and ducks) in paddy rice systems has been proposed as a technique to maximise the use of land and water resources to provide both grain and animal protein.

Today, the impact of rice cultivation on the environment, including its effect on greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission, is a matter of concern for

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