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Myanmar: Mon fishing industry awaits huge impacts as China pauses buying August 03,2020   |  Source: Myanmar Times

The Mon State fisheries industry is at risk of stalling in the upcoming fishing season now that China has temporarily stopped importing, according to the Mon State Fisheries Federation. U Myint Soe, chair of the Mon Fisheries Federation, said China stopped importing fisheries since late June, but added that the industry has already made investments ahead of the fishing season, which commences in September and lasts for nine months. "We have already paid for the maintenance of our fishing boats and invested a lot of upfront costs before resuming the season. Some fishermen even pawned or sold their assets to do so. If the fisheries produced then cannot be sold, there will be big problems for us," he said. Mon State has registered around 300 fishing vessels. After returning from sea, the fishing boats typically dock at the local harbour to sell off their catch.

The boats sail for the Gulf of Mottama, which is classified as a wetland site under the international Ramsar Convention. The area is a good spawning site, producing a large proportion of wild-caught fish in Myanmar. Much of the fisheries produced locally are farmed. Over the past three years, the government has also been working with local fish organisations to preserve these resources and protect the fish from illegal

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