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Bangladesh: Chandpur is a happy place for Hilsa trade. But fishermen lament shrinking catch from rivers by Meherun Nahar August 03,2020   |  Source: BD News24

The fishermen complain that the nearby estuary of Padma and Meghna rivers is bereft of Hilsha. All the fish seen at the trading hub is captured at different points of the deep sea, not at the Padma-Meghna estuary. “There is hardly any Hilsa left in the rivers of Padma and Meghna,” said Shabe Barat, general secretary of Chandpur Matsya Banik Samity, an association of fish traders.
He holds out hope that more Hilsa would be caught in the estuary soon again. Hilsa fishing at the sea resumed after a 65-day ban, but hardly any fish was caught in the nets of the local fishermen. Increased siltation in the rivers has reduced the yield of Hilsa, said Abdul Gafur, a fish trader. Some Hilsas are caught when the rivers have a better water flow at the end of the season, he said.

“Hilsa is found in the rivers in Chandpur during winter, but those are the very small ones called Jatka,” said Gafur Jamadar. Hilsas from the coast and from the rivers have a big difference in prices. A Hilsa from the sea weighing one kg is sold for Tk 700-800 per kg, while the one from Chandpur rivers is sold for Tk 1,000 to Tk 1,100 per kg during the season. Before the Eid, a maund (37.32 kg) of Hilsa with each fish weighing up to 700 grams was sold for Tk 25,000, while the same quantity from Chandpur

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