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Pakistan: Reaping the economic dividends of Mangrove conservation August 03,2020   |  Source: Global Village Space

Pakistan is losing its natural resources and its wildlife. Deforestation and pollution within its rivers and oceans are leaving an underlying impact on its blue economy. This is, in turn, affecting the associated industries, livelihoods, and coastal landscapes. Community understanding and social awareness about the environment, its habitats and its challenges are extremely vital today to ensure better water resources, fisheries, agriculture, wildlife that will lead to reduced impacts of climate change.

We must ensure that we increase freshwater resources, increase plantation of mangrove trees on the coastal belt, revive our fisheries, help local coastal communities create livelihoods, and protect our coastal areas from harsh impacts of sea-level rise and global warming. Every year, governments around the world pledge to protect the planet and its precious resources. This year, COVID-19 has presented itself as a challenge for the global universe. Despite challenges, the pandemic has also uncovered some very unusual environmental benefits, including clean air, reduction in carbon emissions, and a revival of the marine and forest wildlife.

Global warming: A global threat

Despite being a high-risk country on the climate change front, the amount of carbon emissions and

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