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Assam: Supporting Communities Affected by Floods August 03,2020   |  Source: Relief Web

Lives and livelihoods of communities across South Asia have been devastated by the recent floods, adding to the miseries of people already dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In India’s northeastern state of Assam, more than 30 lakh (3 million) people across 2,300 villages are reeling under the wave of floods with over 100 deaths reported already. In some parts of the state, these challenges have been compounded by the outbreak of seasonal vector-borne diseases, including Japanese encephalitis, and the African swine flu. The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), which has been on the frontline of the nationwide COVID-19 response since March, has been providing vital support to the flood-affected communities with the support of the ICRC.

More than 1,500 Red Cross staff and volunteers are on the ground providing relief across 21 districts of Assam. Distribution of tarpaulin sheets and relief items began immediately after the advent of the floods and till now, 13,600 flood-affected people have received support. The tarpaulins – provided by the ICRC – were pre-positioned at the IRCS Assam State Branch in anticipation of the recurring tragedy in the state. Diganta Bujarbaruah, General Secretary, IRCS Assam State Branch, said, “This year, 50,000 tarpaulins were pre-positioned

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