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Andhra Pradesh: Procure shrimp through MPEDA in Andhra Pradesh, says NaCSA member August 04,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (NaCSA-Kakinada) General Council Member Sykam Bhaskara Rao on Sunday appealed the State government to ensure procurement of shrimp by the Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA). It is learnt that the shrimp farmer had been badly hit due to the spread of COVID-19, which impacted on the availability of workers in the processing units, disturbing the export operations.

In an official release, Mr. Bhasakara Rao has said; “The monopoly in the shrimp trade could only be tackled only when the MPEDA begins the procurement of the shrimp, which prices are normally dictated by the individual exporters. Despite Andhra Pradesh being the leading shrimp exporting State, there is no regulated marketing system in place to guarantee the remunerative price for the shrimp”. “A majority of the farmers engaged in the shrimp cultivation is small or middle scale farmers. The financial assistance from the Centre must be spent on creating shrimp purchasing centres, where the fair trade will ensure remunerative price for the farmer”, said Machilipatnam-based Mr. Bhaskara Rao.

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