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Myanmar: Strives to save endangered Ayeyarwady dolphins August 07,2020   |  Source: Brink Wire

A total of seven endangered Ayeyarwady dolphins in Myanmar died in seven months from January to July of this year, state-run media reported on Wednesday. “We have noticed that the death of endangered Ayeyarwady dolphins was caused by electrofishing along the Ayeyarwady river in Mandalay and Sagaing regions. In order to take actions effectively on killing of Ayeyarwady dolphins and to save Ayeyarwady dolphins, the two regions must cooperate for it,” U Moe Kyaw Thu, Sagaing regional minister of Immigration and Human Resources recently said.

To take actions effectively against the electrofishers, we have already conducted surveys on the electrofishing areas and water condition along the Ayeyarwady river, he said. Meanwhile, patrolling operations for the conservation of endangered Ayeyarwady dolphins along the Ayeyarwady river will be increased from one time to three times per year starting from this year, according to the Myanmar Fisheries Department. According to the department’s latest survey conducted in February this year, there were 79 endangered Ayeyarwady dolphins in the country, the department official said.

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