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Karnataka:Sea occupies 100 meters land in Kota by erosion August 07,2020   |  Source: Daiji World

Sea erosion was observed in Kodi panchayat limits after about 25 years. The sea has occupied about 100 meters of land area by erosion. This has caused the local people to worry about the increasing area of erosion every day. They have urged for a permanent solution for it. The matter was brought to the notice of local MLA by former panchayat representative Annappa Kunder here. The MLA then sent his private assistant, fisheries department engineer and revenue official to the place. Fisheries department engineer Dais held spot inspection under the leadership of Kota revenue officer Raju.

Quick action needed:

It is necessary to act immediately in this connection so that the sea does not occupy nearby roads and houses. “Huge boulders were laid to prevent sea erosion here 25 years ago. Nobody looked at it after that. People will heave a sigh of relief if a permanent break wall is constructed," said Annappa Kunder, former president of Kodi panchayat. Antony D’Souza, a former member of Kodi gram panchayat said, "The matter of erosion was brought to the notice of all. It is worse this year. We urge for a permanent break wall,” he said. Dias, an engineer in the department of ports and fisheries said that they have conducted an inspection of the spot on directions from the

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