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Assam: Baghjan oil well blowout singes fields, fish – and livelihoods September 15,2020   |  Source: Morung Express

For more than 100 days, the fire raged, a tall blaze of angry orange that killed the fish in ponds and streams, destroyed homes and turned to ash the green farmlands around the Baghjan oil field in Assam’s Tinsukia district. The fire at an Oil India Ltd well that started with oil and natural gas gushing out uncontrollably on May 27 and went up in flames on June 9 was controlled on Sunday, said reports. But the trauma will take much longer to subside, said residents of the area around the oil field that has 17 oil wells and five gas wells.

The sight of the flames that coloured the skies saffron and the sound of the blaze have led to people in Baghjan village complaining of disorientation, sleepless nights and confusion. “It was like hearing 100 helicopters constantly over my head,” said Manoj Hazarika who hasn’t slept properly in weeks. The tales find wide echo in the village of nearly 500 residents, many who earned their living fishing, tilling their fields, some with betel nut trees, and working in the tea gardens close by. It is a village ruined, said locals, estimating that several homes have been completely burnt and about 500 hectares of land destroyed. Kajoli Hazarika, whose home is just about 200 metres from well no 5 which caught fire, added that the area has

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