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Goa: Invites applications for private fishing jetties September 25,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

In a bid to relieve pressure from the existing notified jetties, the state government has proposed to notify private fish landing centres in Goa. Applicants that desire to notify any area as private landing centre where the activity of unloading of fish, along with its other auxiliary activity such as net mending, repair of vessel is carried out, has to make application to directorate of fisheries along with all the details of land he owns or taken on lease. Along with the application, the applicant has to provide a report, which will include all details, like total area to be notified, different kinds of auxiliary activity to be carried on proposed landing points, mechanism for reporting entry and exit of vessel, fish catch data and coastal security measures. The layout and plan with proper demarcation of area for various activities must be furnished.

Fishing vessels which are registered with the fisheries department only shall be allowed to land at private landing centres from a coastal security point of view. CCTV cameras that cover the entire landing centre 24 by 7 have to be compulsorily installed by the applicant. The CCTV footage data has to be stored for a minimum period of two months and the same submitted to the coastal security police as and when asked for.

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