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West Bengal: Fish market suffers Rs 1.3 crore fraud during lockdown by Dwaipayan Ghosh September 25,2020   |  Source: The Times of India

The Patipukur fish market, one of the biggest wholesale markets of fish in the city that was shut for days after being hit by the Covid crisis, has now suffered another blow. An FIR has been lodged against the cashier and his henchmen for duping them of Rs 1.3 crore during the pandemic period. The accused was initially pulled up in November last year and warned of consequences. Finally, when one of the traders wanted to settle the dispute during the pandemic, the cashier allegedly threatened him and even attacked him with help of his associates. Based on the complaint filed by fish trader Pradip Das, Tallah police has registered an FIR.

According to Das’s complaint, he had appointed the accused — then merely a 17-year-old — in 2005 to maintain the accounts of his fish supply business at the Patipukur fish market. In November last year, the complainant detected that the accused cashier had begun misappropriating money. By the time the market was temporarily shut down during the lockdown, the accused allegedly siphoned Rs 1.3 crore. The book of accounts was found to have been allegedly doctored. The misappropriation has not only affected Das’s business, the future of many fish traders, who run their businesses as a cooperative with Das, are at stake.

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