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Bihar: Fishing Communities Demand - Give Back Our Fisheries: Protect Our Right to Fish Resources and Ganga Waters October 01,2020   |  Source: NPSSFW (I)

The Ganga Mukti Andolan (GMA) and Jal Shramik Sangha have been fighting to establish small scale fishing communities’ right to sustainably use the fish resources of river Ganga and also to protect those resources and river Ganga. They protested against the illegal encroachments of mafia and landlords on the river Ganga and its tributaries. They raised their voice against Dolphin Sanctuary established without their consent or consultation, which has turned into a ploy to fleece the poor fishers by the forest guards. They objected to the erection of Farakka Dam that severely affected the ecology and flow of the river Ganga. They also opposed use of mosquito and cloth nets to save juvenile fish. They demand that the Ganga and its tributaries should be free of encroachment and the fisher folk should get their free fishing rights, and that the use of mosquito and cloth nets must be prohibited.

They also intimated the authorities of the need of police patrolling on river stretches for the safety of fishers as the mafias attack and rob the poor fishers while fishing. Several meetings have been organized to discuss these issues with the local authorities. Every time the authorities promised that that they would look into the matter and take stringent measures. However, no action

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