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Kerala: Over 1,000 Chinese nets to be dismantled by K.A. Martin October 16,2020   |  Source: The Hindu

Over a thousand unlicensed Chinese nets (commonly called dip nets) in the picturesque Kumbalanghi backwaters are slated to be dismantled by the Fisheries Department early November following a Kerala High Court directive. Traditional fishers across the political spectrum have welcomed the decision and called it ‘long overdue’ and in the best interest of artisanal fishers, who depend on the backwaters for a living.

In solidarity

“Dip nets in the Kumbalanghi backwaters have broken all the regulations governing inland fisheries. They have disrupted normal activities of traditional fishers, and small boat owners will be mobilised to display solidarity with the departmental action,” said State convener of Fisheries Coordination Committee Charles George in support of the decision to dismantle the nets.

“It has become an industry disrupting movement of boats and traditional fishing activities by those who live close to the backwaters,” said P.K. Shivadattan, social activist and former president of the Kumbalanghi grama panchayat. But dip net owner Paul Kannamchery differs. “It is a livelihood means. If they are being dismantled, the government must direct us to some other means of daily sustenance,” he said. Panchayat president Martin Anthony welcomed the high

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