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Andhra Pradesh: Bickering among fishermen vitiates peace in coastal villages November 27,2020   |  Source: The Hans India

The continuous and unending disputes of the border between the fishermen villages of Vadarevu and Katarivari Palem near Chirala and other coastal fishermen villages in Guntur and Krishna districts increasing the threat of law and order disturbances in the area. It was a common practice for fishermen from the coastal villages in the state to go for fishing at the best places to make a good catch, in the waters of the Bay of Bengal. The fishermen from the Vadarevu near Chirala also venture into the sea and fish at distant places. But for the last few years, they are complaining that the neighbouring Katarivari Palem fishermen are obstructing their fishing and confiscating the catch along with the nets and machinery and abducting the fishermen for entering the waters near to their village.

Velpula Ramana, former sarpanch of the Vadarevu said that Katarivari Palem fishermen are imposing hey fines to release the fishermen of the Vadarevu village. He said that last Saturday, the Kotarivari Palem fishermen chased five boats of fishermen from Vadarevu. He said that the Vadarevu fishermen managed to seize two boats of the Kotarivari Palem with the help of other fishermen who came for support to them. The abducted fishermen were handed over to the police and complained attacking them


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