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Assam: Educated fish farmer of Darrang in Assam coming forward to fulfill local fish demand in Bhogali market by Mayukh Goswami January 13,2021   |  Source: APN News

“Bhogali Bihu” is at our door step and every festival loving Assamese people wouldn’t disagree that the feast on the Uruka night will be incomplete without the delicious dishes made with local variety of fishes. The Bhogali feast would turn even better if the “Kolothy” of big size local “Chital” fish could be added in the list of dishes. The high demand of local variety of fishes could be fulfilled only due to the hard work of the local progressive fish grower like Nayanmani Saharia of Outala Besimari village under Kalaigaon Development Block of Darrang district .

“ I am eagerly waiting for the Uruka bazar to supply variety of local fishes including around two quintals of Chital each not below five kilo in size . I am expecting a reasonable price of Rs 650/700 per kilo of Chital.” said Nayanmani while talking to this news paper . Nayanmani is one such graduate youth in the state who has already proved that with little technical knowledge , dedication and hard work one can easily earn more than a first class government officer can earn. He has successfully overcome the common belief that only government job is the assures means of livelihood. During the year 2009-10, Nayanmani was selected as a beneficiary for construction of a new pond of 0.40 hectare under

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