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Myanmar: Puts early stop to fishing season by Aung Loon January 13,2021   |  Source: Myanmar Times

The country usually puts a ban on fishing activities at sea from June but depleting fish stocks has resulted in the need to advance the no-fishing period to May, said the Myanmar Fishery Department. "With effect from May 1, 2021, fishing at sea will be banned. Normally, the ban starts from June every year. One reason for the ban being imposed one month earlier is the scarcity of fish resources. This ban is a regular restriction imposed during spawning season," said U Myint Soe, chair of the Mon State Fishery Federation.

“During the ban, no offshore fishing can be done across the nation. The number of fish caught is getting less every year. This means there is a depletion in fish stocks. The fish egg-laying period is from February to April. The ban was moved one month earlier (to coincide with the spawning season). Suspension of fishing activities may be introduced even earlier in the future," he said. Myanmar's fishing season usually lasts about nine months from September 1 to end of May. At present, about 300 boats will carry out fishing activities in the Mottama Gulf, the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Gulf and their adjacent areas. According to the Mon State Fishery Federation, the fish industry has been struggling due to declining prices and lesser fish being caught in the

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