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India: CMFRI published online the study on Impact, vulnerability and adaptation strategies for marine fisheries of India January 13,2021   |  Source: CMFRI

Scientists at ICAR-CMFRI often encounter questions on the changes in resource abundance and distribution in the coastal waters due to climate change. But, there is lack of coherent studies in northern Indian Ocean to scientifically quantify and predict the impacts of climate variables on fisheries resources. The absence of scientific information becomes a major limitation to policy planners in their attempt to explain the magnitude of climate change impacts on oceans and seas in future and the possible measures that could be adopted to tackle them. Therefore, an effort is made in this document to quantify the future alterations in potential climate variables of the northern Indian Ocean and infer the possible effects it can have on the marine flora and fauna. This document is meant to address a global audience.

Therefore, efforts are made to incorporate globally approved climate change model results in the study to understand the future challenges of marine ecosystems in the northern Indian Ocean. The long-term forecasts on major environmental variables such as Sea Surface Temperature (SST), pH, mean sea level, sea surface salinity, rainfall and chlorophyll were examined for assessing the changes and the plausible effects on the resources. The resulting possible changes on

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