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Kerala: Cheap imports hits inland fish farmers by Navamy Sudhish February 22,2021   |  Source: The Hindu

Tilapia, one of the most farmed fish varieties in Kerala, used to fetch around Rs.250 in the market until recently. But the inflow from other States has caused the price to plummet, adversely impacting the aquaculture sector and inland farmers of Kerala. The fish is now available at Rs.110 and the aqua farmers say there is no market for their produce due to imports, especially from Andhra Pradesh. “The production potential of freshwater culture has escalated since Subhiksha Keralam, but nearly 1,000 tonnes of fish reach Kerala every day from other States. This low-quality formalin-laced fish can be bought at a cheap price, but it can lead to multiple health issues. Government should take steps to ensure that the stock reaching Kerala is chemical-free and seize consignments that are contaminated,” says T.Prushothaman, State president, Kerala Aqua Farmers Federation. The federation has already approached the authorities for remedial measures that also include provision for processing surplus fish and make ready-to-eat products. “Right now farmers are forced to sell fish at a rate that doesn’t even cover the production cost,” he adds. Kerala, with its ever-soaring demand, is a major market for the vast fish farms in Andhra Pradesh since their local consumption is not very



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