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Pakistan: Rights of the River and personhood rights of the Indus delta March 10,2021   |  Source: Pakistan Fisherfolk forum (PFF)

Pakistan Fisherfolk forum (PFF) has planned to celebrate the international Day of Action (14 March) for rivers “Rights of the Indus River” with 14-days long campaign named as of Rights of the River and personhood rights to Indus River and Indus delta. In this connection PFF decided to organized a series of the dialogues in the different district of Sindh during the Rights of the River Campaign. After these dialogue PFF, will held a Provincial Dialogue in Karachi in which PFF will raise issues collected from district level. In the provincial dialogue, impacted communities from all over the Sindh will participate and demand for the Rights of the River and legal personhood rights of Indus delta.

In the context of Pakistan and especially Sindh province, among the multiple water issues, drastic decrease of water (and of enriching silt) for the Indus Delta is an intolerable fact. Continuing with various plans of dams and diversions on Indus River by our national government as well as neighboring countries is a continuing assault on the ecology of the Indus Basin. We must recognize it as a threat of the highest order, even when producing hydropower is the justification.

A large water shares of the River Indus utilized for the agricultural and human consumption of Punjab

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