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Odisha: Climate change is forcing Indians to migrate far from home by Sibi Arasu April 07,2021   |  Source: Live Mint

Pratap Malik, who comes from Radhaballavpur village in Balasore district, Odisha, went to Bengaluru years ago in search of work, seeking an escape from the river that today is not so much near his family’s home as in it. With every passing year, the flooding seems to become more frequent. “See, my house is right next to the Kansa Bansa river, and since we are only 30km from the sea, we always receive plenty of rainfall,” Malik says. “The rainfall is irregular but when it rains heavily or when there is a cyclone, large parts of my house get engulfed by the river.” In Bengaluru, Malik, 35, operates a 12-decibel power loom, weaving mosquito nets in a small industrial unit in the Pete Chennappa industrial area in the western part of the city, 1,600km from his village. The job is arduous, demanding at least 12 hours a day, six days a week. Since he earns around Rs.9,000 a month but can afford only Rs.2,000 as rent, he has taken up a room that is just a five-minute walk from his workplace. He shares the room with two cousins. Malik goes there for meals, his only breaks during the workday, and sleeps in the power-loom factory. The room is too small for the three of them to sleep in. The situation is far from ideal but Malik says he prefers Bengaluru to Radhaballavpur. Last

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