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India: Fisheries’ body develops nano solutions to prevent biofouling in aquaculture nets by V Sajeev Kumar April 08,2021   |  Source: The Hindu Business Line

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s arm Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) has developed nanotechnology solutions to prevent the growth of unwanted organisms, also known as biofouling, in the polyethylene nets that are used for aquaculture in the seas. Biofouling, a recurring problem, is affecting the aquaculture sector significantly impacting fish production from aquaculture cages, leaving the sector concerned.

Adverse effects

Biofouling causes clogging of meshes and reduces the water circulation in cage nets, thus minimising the size of mesh opening. It leads to the blockage of food waste and anoxic conditions inside the cages, thereby reducing the survival rate and the health of fishes. It is also pointed out that biofouling of aquaculture nets also cause severe maintenance and operational problems and its management needs about 25 per cent of the total production cost, he said.

Nano coating

CIFT’s technology uses polyaniline and nano copper oxide. Aquaculture cages are fabricated primarily with high-density polyethylene (PE) webbings whose surface is to be coated with polyaniline and nano copper oxide and exposed in the open sea and estuarine environment. P Muhammed Ashraf, Principal Scientist at CIFT, said field exposure studies were



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